Grandparents Sit Outdoors With Baby Grandson And Adult Daughter: Grandparents Sit Outdoors With Baby Grandson And Adult Daughter

Some people think that if they leave a Will behind it will take care of all the “after” issues, but that’s only the beginning.  It would simplify tasks for your spouse and / or children if you would also enclose in that important folder the following items:

-Insurance policy information including account numbers;

-A list of all properties and other large assets along with any outstanding loan information;

-Bills you pay;

-Safe deposit box access information;

-Specific bequests of personal items;

-Burial instructions;

-Partnership or corporate agreements;

-Credit card, banking and investment account names, numbers and contact info;

-Health care forms, such as Health PoA, DNR, and organ donation information.

Computer, cell phone, and alarm system user names and passwords. (Any account information and/or usernames and passwords need to be kept where only those intended can have access to them.)