Bobby King Testimonial

When writing testimonials I always ask clients how they heard about S.A.F.E. Planning, Inc.  This particular client has been a friend of mine since 1980 so it wasn’t a surprise when he said I was the one who had recommended him coming to S.A.F.E. Planning when he was trying to get his wife, Karen, approved for Medicaid.  At the time Karen was desperately ill and needed a full-time care facility.  Her condition has since stabilized, but she still needs supervised care.

Bobby knew Steve and Blake Rainey for many years too, but he wasn’t familiar with what S.A.F.E. Planning did until I shared with him how they specialized in safeguarding estates and life saving’s of hard-working people like Bobby.

After attending one of the free classes offered by S.A.F.E. PLanning, Bobby met with Blake during a free consultation to see what could be done to save as much as possible of the King’s finances.  Bobby had already paid three months of Karen’s nursing home costs and knew that the expenses were only going to keep rising until a life-time of work and savings was gone.

After making the decision to have S.A.F.E. Planning help him Bobby paid the one-time fee and provided Blake and Sharon Calhoun with all the paper work, investment / financial information they asked for, and he was happy to find out that they were able to do exactly what they said they could do to protect his assets and get Karen approved for Medicaid.

“I am happy with the advice they gave me, and they handled everything right,” states Bobby.  “I’m happy with the job they did for me.  I’ve recommended them to other people.”

Bobby lives in the Springridge community near his kids and grandkids.  He attends Providence Baptist Church, and he visits his wife every day.  He retired from Lucent Technologies (the old Western Electric), and also worked under contract to IBM.