We are extremely satisfied and grateful for the work that Mr. Cochran was able to do for us in our times of need.  We would highly recommend him and his services to anyone.  With his knowledge of the Medicaid rules, he was able to get Mary (Lynn’s mother) approved for Medicaid assistance that paid for her nursing home stay.  She was only required to pay half of her life savings, thus leaving the other half to help pay for her additional needs while she was in the nursing home.  Every year during her stay in the nursing home SAFE Planning automatically filled out all required forms to keep her Medicaid flowing smoothly.  Upon her death, Mr. Cochran received a letter stating that the state was seeking restitution for the benefits they paid out.  He promptly addressed this matter and thanks to his knowledge, in less than two weeks, we received a letter stating they were no longer seeking restitution from her estate. Mr. Cochran’s service during the past six years was nothing but outstanding. – Lynn & Gwen Solly