Edith Saunders Testimonial

By Elaine Marze

Janice Hughes is an only child and says that her mom was devoted to her, wanting Janice to get an education, and then later Edith’s devotion expanded to Janice’s own family.  Edith worked hard and saved what she could during her many years living in Missouri.  She eventually moved to Shreveport to be near Janice’s family.  But the time came when her physical and mental health began declining.  After several falls that resulted in broken bones, Edith’s physician advised Janice that her mother could no longer live alone.  It was a difficult decision for any loving daughter to make, but in 2010 with the help of S.A.F.E. Planning getting Edith approved for Medicaid, Janice’s mom was soon living happily at Spring Lake Senior Care facility where Edith enjoyed making friends among the other residents and staff.

Janice was accompanied by two of her three adult children at the initial consultation with Ric Cochran when they were deciding whether or not to employ S.A.F.E. Planning to work on their behalf, and Janice said her children approved of the proposal Ric set out for them.  After that decision was made, Janice worked with Sharon Calhoun who she said was “organized and patient with all my questions”. edith

“Sharon never made me feel like I asked stupid questions, and she always let me know exactly what paperwork I needed to bring her.  I’m organized in my record keeping, but I was not looking forward to dealing with all the confusing governmental bureaucracy required in getting my mother’s financial situation in line with what Medicaid required. In all this time with S.A.F.E. Planning, I’ve never had to deal with Medicaid directly, and that was a relief.  It saved me some stress! And, Sharon and Ric always got back with me when I called, unlike other businesses.”

An elementary school principal at Eden Gardens at the time, Janice had a lot on her plate with work, a mom with dementia and failing health, and a husband who had suffered a stroke.  The fact that S.A.F.E. Planning dealt with the red tape and hassle involved with a government agency was greatly appreciated by Janice and her family.  Then when Edith died this past February the family waited to find out what claims the state of Louisiana would take against her estate.  That’s when Ric took over dealing with Medicaid which was seeking to recover a huge amount of money from the estate, BUT thanks to the planning done by S.A.F.E., they recently got a letter saying that Medicaid has determined that it will not pursue recovery.

“They (Sharon and Ric) were so caring and helped us so much,” Janice says.  “They made a difficult ordeal for my family a whole lot easier.  I’m happy to tell others how pleased we have been with them.”

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