Today is Memorial Day for the Marze Family

marze family

 Seven years ago on Wednesday, October 19 Daniel, Phaedra, Clyde, Kinsley, Makenna, Colton, my mother, Jr’s sister, Bonnie, and his brother, Ricky, and myself had to walk out of that room in Springdale, AR knowing our world had changed forever, and not for the good.  As we all dispersed, Daniel, Rick and Bonnie headed to Louisiana while the rest of us  drove nearly two hours to get to the home Jr and I had walked out of together just four days before.  Phaedra’s family stayed at our house that night, she and Clyde dealing with devastated kids and a shell-shocked momma.


By the time we got home I was so wiped out emotionally and physically that I could not function much less think, but because so many people who had supported us were waiting to hear, I knew I needed to put it out there but fully expected the email I sent out at 1:30 a.m. to not make any sense, just babble.  


The email said, “Tonight at 10 p.m. my husband’s cancer-ridden body was replaced with a new disease-free body when he passed from this life into eternal life with our Lord. His last weeks had been consumed with horrible heart-breaking pain and tumor growth.  Tonight he can sing again and speak without a mechanical device that he was forever misplacing. He can whistle, and he won’t have to have more medical treatments.  Praise God!  Our families and I are trying to ignore our loss and concentrate on the happiness and joy that is now Luther Marze Jr’s spiritual legacy.  It’s not easy, but we are trying!  Nowhere, at no time, did he ever doubt or question his faith in a loving God or blame God for his suffering—my hero, my partner, my love has flown free of these earthly tribulations.”


Someone who has lived so large will never be forgotten.  I hope his friends will share stories about him to his family every chance they get.  And, if you are so blessed to still have your spouse, don’t waste time fussing, blaming and hurting each other.  Be grateful, thankful and love that husband / wife to the best of your ability!