To Will or Not to Will

By Elaine Marze Over the nearly two decades that I’ve worked for Seniors’ Asset & Family Estate Planning I’ve written many articles on what it takes to efficiently plan for older age, getting important paperwork completed and protecting assets for survivors and for long-term care patients.   For 15 years I put out a newsletter each month

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Appreciate your spouse NOW … before it is too late

By Elaine Marze People frequently discuss the things they miss most about their late spouse, and as a widow myself, I like to share these with couples who still have their loved one because it reminds them to appreciate what they have while they can.  Do not take a husband or wife for granted. Bill

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Happy New Year!

Wishing all our SAFE Planning friends and clients a HAPPY NEW YEAR, and to start the new year out with a laugh I’d like to include a short funny that was in one of our 2008 newsletters: During a high school class on government studies, the class was discussing the qualifications to be president of

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I love Thanksgiving!  It’s a holiday without all the commercialism of Christmas, and one where families and friends come together to renew relationships over plentiful food and hearts filled with thanks for another year together.  Or, at least that’s the way it used to be, but now days maybe not so much as in the

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Tis’ the Season to be Thankful

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S.A.F.E. Planning President Featured for Veterans Day

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Today is Memorial Day for the Marze Family

 Seven years ago on Wednesday, October 19 Daniel, Phaedra, Clyde, Kinsley, Makenna, Colton, my mother, Jr’s sister, Bonnie, and his brother, Ricky, and myself had to walk out of that room in Springdale, AR knowing our world had changed forever, and not for the good.  As we all dispersed, Daniel, Rick and Bonnie headed to

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Don’t Be Caught Unaware

By Elaine Marze As marketing director of S.A.F.E. Planning I want to share some information so YOUR family won’t make the same mistakes some other people make – and regret.  One of my friends recently lost her eighty year old mom when she had a heart attack.  Diagnosed a few years ago with a heart

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Appreciate it now …

By Elaine Marze People frequently share with me the things they miss most after the death of their spouse, especially after they read WIDOWHOOD: I DIDN’T ASK FOR THIS (which I wrote).  I like to share these things because it reminds those with living husbands and wives what they should appreciate while they still can

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Edith Saunders Testimonial

By Elaine Marze Janice Hughes is an only child and says that her mom was devoted to her, wanting Janice to get an education, and then later Edith’s devotion expanded to Janice’s own family.  Edith worked hard and saved what she could during her many years living in Missouri.  She eventually moved to Shreveport to

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