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To Will or Not to Will

By Elaine Marze Over the nearly two decades that I’ve worked for Seniors’ Asset & Family Estate Planning I’ve written many articles on what it takes to efficiently plan for older age, getting important paperwork completed and protecting assets for survivors and for long-term care patients.   For 15 years I put out a newsletter each month

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Don’t Be Caught Unaware

By Elaine Marze As marketing director of S.A.F.E. Planning I want to share some information so YOUR family won’t make the same mistakes some other people make – and regret.  One of my friends recently lost her eighty year old mom when she had a heart attack.  Diagnosed a few years ago with a heart

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Some people think that if they leave a Will behind it will take care of all the “after” issues, but that’s only the beginning.  It would simplify tasks for your spouse and / or children if you would also enclose in that important folder the following items: Insurance policy information including account numbers; A list

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