Client Spotlight - William Prior

"If you have any questions about Medicaid eligibility call the professionals at S.A.F.E. Planning, I made the call, listened to the presentation, found out that Medicaid for long-term care was not charity, but an entitlement program designed especially for seniors, and my wife was eligible.

Client Spotlight - Joseph & Helen Jastrab

God Bless SAFE Planning

I couldn’t imagine what the journey of getting my mother into a nursing home would have been like without having the support and guidance of the professionals at SAFE Planning. The emotions that went along with the decision to place my mother into a nursing home were hard enough to deal with then, the thought of piling on how to figure out what’s needed to fill out a Medicaid application well that would have been a nightmare.

Client Spotlight - Eva Reynolds

Eva Reynolds was a stay-at-home mother who had to join the work force when her husband died in 1976. Read about how S.A.F.E. Planning was able to re-qualify her for Medicaid when some unexpected assets were found after she was residing in a nursing home.