Vintage Vibes / “Old home remedies”

Prior to hospitalization provided by insurance and government programs, people sometimes waited until they were nearly dying before seeking medical help, especially in rural areas.  Some of the home remedies many of us grew up with probably originated in pioneer days when folks self-medicated with herbs and “cures” handed down for generations. Some of that

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Junior’s 69th Birthday

The birthdate of a deceased family member is one of those special dates that has the power to hurt us because it recalls the loss, the coulda, shoulda beens. We do our best to cope, trying to lessen the pain while coveting sweet memories. Our grandkids bake birthday cakes in remembrance of their papa. Other

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Happy Greatparents Day by Elaine Marze

My granddaughters took turns making trips with me this summer as I traveled back and forth to Louisiana to visit my 86-year-old mother, 89-year-old mother-in-law and other “older” relatives and friends. The girls are 13 and 14 years old, and eventually everybody we spent time with remarked how sad it was that the girls had

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