May 2020 Message

It’s no surprise to anybody that we are living in a different world from a couple months ago, hopefully a temporary situation, but perhaps for a long time to come.  In order to protect clients and staff, Blake made the decision to allow SAFE Planning personnel to work from home, and though clients can call and leave messages with the answering service the office remains closed till further notice.  We haven’t stopped taking care of business of course and some appointments have taken place via video / internet.  You can always reach us through the website and FB, email, etc.  Like most people, we at SAFE Planning are making the best of less than perfect circumstances, and we too are anxious for the end of Corona virus so we can once again have workshops and face to face appointments.

Ordinarily May is the month of proms, graduations, vacation planning, and families preparing for the summer, but this May people are still social distancing and quarantining, at least those of us who are older and at high risk if we contract the deadly virus are continuing to follow recommended guidelines.  Yes, some businesses are re-opening but even these are operating differently than pre-Corona.  Stores and restaurants are manned by masked employees wearing gloves and armed with sanitizing spray and wipes, and patrons are warned by signs and “guards” to keep six feet apart.  Those who do venture out into the public shopping domain are learning to watch for the arrows that direct them down one-way store aisles so there is no passing each other. 

In other words Americans are living in a new world of precautions and warnings that to leave the safety and solitude of your home is to risk your life or those you love.  The past weeks of distancing has caused some depression and anxiety especially among older folks who are shut away from their families because they live in nursing homes or rehab centers.  Grandparents have been separated from their precious grandchildren, and as the weeks go by the loneliness grows, but people are also coming up with ingenious ways to communicate their love such as singing outside nursing home windows or painting signs of encouragement for those hospitalized who have been cut off from friends and family members.  No longer are dying people surrounded and comforted by their loved ones as they leave this earthly life behind.  Babies have been born who have yet to be held by aunts, uncles and grandparents, but we’re thankful for texting, face time and social media where photos are displayed.  The American spirit is alive and well, and the challenges of these last weeks are just that, challenges to be met and overcome.

We at SAFE Planning hope you are safe and well.  We look forward to hearing from you, and we remain committed to meeting your needs … while following CDC recommended safeguards.

Remember:  Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and Memorial Day is coming up May 25! 

Yes, indeed, our lives have changed, and the way we celebrate special events has changed dramatically too.  Americans typically celebrate Mother’s Day with dinners out, family gatherings and overflowing granny-homes, but this year things will be different.  People like me who live in different states than my mother or mother-in-law most likely won’t be making trips home to be with them. Instead, we are sheltering in place, and even those adult children who normally would be surrounding their mom’s with hugs and kisses will be socially distancing this year, dropping flowers and gifts off at the door with a loving wave and words shouted from the door.

Memorial Day picnics, parades and ceremonies are likely to be strictly curtailed this month, but we can and will post tributes to fallen veterans on social media and hopefully spare time in our day to appreciate those who served.  Stay safe!