The Best of Times

Since 2001, The Best of Times has been Northwest Louisiana's only monthly publication serving the needs of "those of us 50+" by providing timely, accurate, and beneficial information. Since 2002, we have also hosted a weekly ...

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Get Creative During the COVID-19 Pandemic

My friends and I figured out a way to lunch Pandemic style. We bring our own lunch, drink and lawn chair and meet in a driveway socially acceptable distances from each other and visit that way.  Gets us out of our pj’s, and provides some ...

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Local Newspaper Column from the Police Call List (If you need a good laugh during these tough times)

Is The Sky Really Falling?

By Fred Taylor     Obviously, this is the type of week and global market action that the media loves (if it bleeds it leads) and tends to bring the pundits out of the woodwork as various talking heads and the public look for some sort of ...

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Home Coming

By: Elaine Marze Words and phrases can mean different things at different seasons of our lives. When young parents say, “The kids are coming,” it may be a warning.  It doesn’t mean the same as when senior citizens tell their ...

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RAM Hires Director

Business News Release ...

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S.A.F.E. Planning Celebrates 20th Anniversary – Business News Release

Contact:  Elaine Marze  318-780-0510  Blake Rainey is celebrating his 20th year with Seniors’ Asset & Family Estate Planning, Inc.  Blake is President of the family-owned business established by his dad, Steve Rainey. ...

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Old Larry

By Elaine Marze   Don’t be afraid of shelter dogs. If you believe the dated adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks (ways)” then I beg to differ.  When I moved to Arkansas four years ago my new house came ...

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Faces of Grief

By Elaine Marze Perhaps we who have been taught it is better to be strong and silent than weak and whiney should open up about our times of depression occassionaly so that those struggling emotionally don’t feel so alone in their struggles. A ...

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Big White Hoss

It has been over seven years since my husband died, and I am still benefiting from his foresight in planning for his death and how his absence would affect me. One of the plans he set into motion for my benefit involved his big, old loud white truck. ...

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