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November is National Family Caregivers Month & Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

By Ric Cochran  November is a busy month, honoring those who have served our country on Veterans Day as well as celebrating Thanksgiving. We also honor family caregivers, National Family Caregivers Month, and recognize the devastation caused by...

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To Will or Not to Will

By Elaine Marze Over the nearly two decades that I’ve worked for Seniors’ Asset & Family Estate Planning I’ve written many articles on what it takes to efficiently plan for older age, getting important paperwork completed and protecting...

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Don’t Be Caught Unaware

By Elaine Marze As marketing director of S.A.F.E. Planning I want to share some information so YOUR family won’t make the same mistakes some other people make – and regret.  One of my friends recently lost her eighty year old mom when she had...

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Some people think that if they leave a Will behind it will take care of all the “after” issues, but that’s only the beginning.  It would simplify tasks for your spouse and / or children if you would also enclose in that important folder the...

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