Lunch & Learn: Medicaid Planning Protection

Lunch & Learn: Medicaid Planning Protection

Louisiana CPAs, Do You Know...

• If a client has a spouse who needs long-term care, it’s usually possible to save almost everything with proper planning, even if they’re already in a nursing home?
• That a single or widowed person in a nursing facility can still save most of their assets with proper assistance?
• Business assets can often be excluded as resources by Medicaid for married parents, with no maximum value?
• What can go wrong with many trusts and that Medicaid doesn’t honor prenuptial agreements to exclude assets?
• That there are benefits available to many veterans and widows of veterans that can help pay for long-term care and that many VA employees aren’t aware of them?
• The mistakes families make that can cause a loved one, qualified for Medicaid, to lost their benefits?
• How to keep the state from recovering money they spent on your clients’ care after they die?
• That most facilities in the area accept Medicaid patients and that your clients can choose their facility?
• IRS Annual Gift Exclusions are NOT free of Medicaid Gift Penalties but other ways exist to preserve assets?
• About Medicaid policy changes for 2018?

The strategies we share offer ways to:

Help protect assets and pass them in an efficient, low-cost, and tax-preferred manner under difficult circumstances! Help in the process of obtaining benefits your clients deserve and have paid for with their tax dollars!

Cut through bureaucracy and help clients save thousands on care!

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