Jim Springer Testimonial

By: Elaine Marze

Jim Springer describes the situation that brought him to SAFE Planning: “We basically ran out of Medicaid benefits to keep my wife in the nursing home, and she needed full-time residency care.” Jim had checked out other companies similar to SAFE, but he said SAFE Planning was more attractive to his needs so he called and got an appointment with Ric Cochran.

“They explained what they could do for us. The fee seemed steep, but my wife was in the Guest House for two years, and almost all our claims had been denied. Ric was more than accommodating, and I am well-pleased with their results. I’m 80 years old, and if I had it to do over again, I’d use them. I’m thankful that my estate was saved. They made sure I didn’t have to sell my house or sit here with a lump in my throat not knowing if I would have to survive on Social Security. How many people my age can afford to pay $6,000 a month?”

Jim said he was pleasantly surprised that it only took SAFE 30 days to get approval for his wife, Alicia.  She was 78 years old when she passed, and Jim keeps busy as he deals with widowhood. The Springer’s adopted two brothers ages two months and eighteen months in the 70’s so Alicia quit her job for full-time motherhood. One son lives in Shreveport, and one is in Memphis, Tennessee. Jim described he and Alicia as Roaming Catholics because though they were members at St. Elizabeth’s, they went where ever the best preachers were. Jim retired from Granger in 1995 and started his own software business that he still runs. He also plays the guitar, and some people may remember the band he played with, the Mavericks.