Laughter is a Tranquilizer With No Side Effects

By Elaine Marze

Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects.............A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones. Prov.15:30


I brought joy and laughter to several people today. Three men in a truck were leaving the parking lot but turned around so they could watch Phaedra trying to get me in her Jeep.


I have been snowbound for nearly a week and needed to get out of the house so my sweet daughter came and got me. Normally we go in my Yukon which has wide running boards and is a respectable distance from the ground. But because her Jeep has the big tires and is several feet off the ground we took it today. She did wheelies in my yard in the snow to show me how good it slid.


Usually in big trucks I grab the ceiling handle and swing up. Something wasn’t working today. I think it was tight jeans and knee high boots, but my get up just wasn’t lifting off for some reason. Phaedra and Makenna had to lift and push my rear end, and I think I could have gotten up if they hadn’t been laughing so hard. Let’s just be kind and say it wasn’t graceful. They finally got me right side up in the seat, and we dropped Mak off for ball practice before we stopped at a store. Deed done, and it came time to load up again, but Mak wasn’t w us to help. Uh oh!


My heart was willing but I still couldn’t get my lower half to lift off the ground high enough. To get on the running board I had to lift my leg shoulder high, and it protested. A lot. My rear end was just not cooperating which is when the men turned their truck around to watch. They were rolling w laughter. Didn’t even try to hide it. I told P they better not offer to help get me in there. I didn’t want strange men handling the merchandise so to speak. I shouldn’t have worried because they were laughing so hard they couldn’t have helped anyway. Heck, Phaedra was hanging on to the car laughing till she was crying too.


I did get loaded. Not gracefully but I got in the seat. P got a step-ladder we are going to use from here on. Getting out wasn’t a problem; just let gravity do it’s thing and fell out. Boy, I feel old today, but all that laughter could have extended a life.