McDonald Testimonial

By Elaine Marze

Friends tell friends. That is how Dotty McDonald heard about the excellent services S.A.F.E. Planning does for their clients. So after calling for an appointment in 2018, Dotty, her friend and a cousin traveled to Shreveport from Lafayette and met with Ric Cochran, primarily to talk about her cousin’s mother but to also learn what could be done for her own parents. After meeting with Ric, who Dotty describes as having the patience of a saint answering all their questions, her cousin engaged Ric to get her mom on Medicaid and save her assets, which he did.

As an only child, Dotty was concerned about getting her aging parents, Richard and Brigitte McDonald, the very best care while preserving as much of their estate as possible. Brigitte retired from Evangeline Downs and Richard was self-employed as a barber until he retired. Like many of their era, they worked hard, paid for their home, and managed to build a nest egg. Dotty was interested in planning for them, but needed to get her parents to go along. They were old school and independent. Over time, Richard realized he needed help as Brigitte already had dementia and his health was declining along with his capability of providing all her care. He didn’t want everything they worked so hard for to be lost in their last few years.

After Richard spoke on the phone to Ric, along with Dotty, they decided to move forward. Both Richard and Brigitte wound up moving into a facility, and the vast majority of their estate was saved. In fact, Ric said, “I exceeded my own expectations where the McDonald’s were concerned, though it took a while because just as we applied, in November of 2018, Medicaid in Louisiana switched over their entire information system and there were system glitches, to put it mildly. Dotty was very responsive in getting us the documentation needed from her parents’ files for us to submit on their behalf. That helped a lot!”

“Ric was always there for us, night or day,” states Dotty.  “He was God’s own angel, and I can’t say enough positive things about how S.A.F.E. Planning took care of us. I just can’t sing their praises any louder.  They performed excellent services for my family.”